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Alex Steging Educational Counseling 030 February 17, 2009 Log #4 Case Study Analysis As a community leader confronted with the difficult situation regarding Jackie and Debby I would seek to create a mutual compromise between the girls that could help to alleviate the tension in their relationship and living situation. Although striking up a healthy, beneficial conversation between the girls and working towards a compromise would be ideal, the tension might have already escaladed to a point where a fairly simply resolution is impossible to reach. While it is evident that something is going on besides the cultural differences between the roommates, neither girl may be willing to admit a greater problem, which would likely lead to a failure in mediating their disagreement. Multiple approaches might be used in attempting to resolve this situation. One possible option is to bring in a peer mediator to resolve the problem. The pros of resorting to this method of resolution are that the mediator would act as an unbiased and fresh pair of ears, as they would be disconnected from the students and the situation, and the mediator would be specifically trained in how to manage situations in a way that keeps them from escalating. An unbiased third or fourth party could help to alleviate the tensions long enough to reach an effective solution. The cons of such an arrangement result in the likelihood that both parties involved would be asked to discuss the issues openly, in front of each other. With Jackie being prone to loud outbursts and disruptive tirades, it is likely something would be said that might trigger her
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violent tendencies. It would be essential that firm ground rules established and conversation was
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Log #4 - Alex Steging Educational Counseling 030 Tyffany...

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