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COMM 203 3/25/09 Review for Exam Signorelli o What’s in and what out? (p. 89 – “Message System Analysis”) In terms of definition of violence ESSAY:  Think about this study as it relates to UCSB/NTBS study Intent to harm is essential to definition Definition offered: “Use of force or credible threat, source of aggression” Accident violence and acts of nature are included in  definition o Will increase rate of violence Make compelling reason why they are interested in  accidental: o Producers have intent to show in certain way o Finding results of violence on TV (p. 92 – “Findings and Discussion”) Review table 5.1 (p. 93/94) o Don’t need to know results from cultivation approach “What viewers learn about violence and the world” ESSAY:  What is difference between composite week and impact week and what might the  implications be for findings?
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Unformatted text preview: o NTBS composite week is strength of study o Signorelli just pulled an actual week Pay attention to what is significant about what study is looking at and how does it affect the findings? • For each moderator, be able to give two sentences on what it does… o Don’t need to know Bushman/Huesmann intellectual moderator But do know about social class People in lower social class are more likely to watch more TV, and therefore more violent TV • But these people are not skewing findings • Class is not impacted by media violence, vice versa o Affects people across class level Not parental mediation • Hestroni o “The Number Lie” (p. 19) Boil argument down to major points Definitions matter, samples matter, etc. ESSAY: Factors (on chart with arrows) of how they increase or decrease aggression, desensitization and why?...
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