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09 - Model for group membership how depicted The more...

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COMM 4/6/09 Watch  Crash Paper Perpetuation of stereotypes is major issue o Discuss groups in neutral terms (“census terms”) o Either use character or actor name Think about how language can be limiting or expansive Many characters that can be written about From scientific perspective, many issues o Negative effects of viewing, while respecting as art What does viewer do with counter-stereotype and stereotype processing? Outline of Paper 1 paragraph summary – what is this film about? o Less than one page 1 paragraph of what you think the filmmaker’s intent was? o Less than one page o Actual effects can differ from intended Make an argument (story, series of claims, etc.) about the portrayal of one group or character  and the stereotyping existing around  o Why positive or negative? o Define by what you mean is a stereotype
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Unformatted text preview: Model for group membership, how depicted The more specific, the more advantageous Stereotype is a concept, abstraction Not inherently positive or negative Within category, certain attributes can be positive or negative • Theories: o Social Cognitive Theory Observational learning Sparks, Bushman and Huesmann, etc. o Priming Theory So easy to make negative association with groups Effects interactions that can affect perception of group o Cultivation (along with Schema) Theory • Stereotype, positive/negative effect, theory should be equal length • Cite appropriately to get a good grade! o Any in course reader o No more than three quotes per page Not a lot of quoting from film or outside resources...
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