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Government Chapter 4 Structural Foundations of American Government and Politics 1. America’s Population a. Since the first census in 1790 millions of immigrants have migrated to the U.S. b. Nativist: Antiforeign; applied to political movements active in the 19 th century c. Many people in today’s society (53%) want the immigrants to leave d. Shifting from rural to urban/suburbs e. Sun Belt: States of the Lower South, Southwest, and West, where sunny weather and often conservative politics prevail f. GDP: Gross Domestic Product; monetary value of all goods and services produced in a nation each year, excluding income residents earn abroad 2. Income a. Median Household Income: Household income number at which ½ of all households have more income and ½ have less income i. The midpoint of all households ranked by income ii. Risen by 25% since 1967 3. Poverty a. Poverty Line: The government’s calculation of the amount of income families of various sizes need to stay out of poverty i. Thirty-seven million Americans are in poverty in 2004 ii. The rate won’t fall unless there is sustained job growth
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Govt Chapter 4 - Government Chapter 4 Structural...

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