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Government Chapter 5 Public Opinion 1. Core Beliefs: Individual’s views about the fundamental nature of human beings, society, and economy; taken together, they compromise the political clture 2. Political Attitudes: Individual’s views about public policy, political parties, candidates, government institutions, and public officials 3. Public Opinion: Political attitudes and core beliefs expressed by ordinary citizens as revealed by surveys a. In the long run, there will be a close match between public opinion and government policies and actions in a democracy 4. Nonattitudes: The idea that many or most Americans seem to have no real views at all and simply offer “doorstep opinions” 5. Sample Survey: An interview study asking questions of a set of people who are chosen as representative of the whole population 6. Random Sampling: The selection of survey respondents by chance, with equal probability, to ensure their representatives of the whole population 7. Problems with Political Population a. Wording of a question i. No leading questions b. “Close-ended” questions i. Made to choose between preformulated answers that don’t always reveal what’s on peoples’ minds c. Americans are less willing to answer phone calls d. Pollsters are finding it hard to get past screening e. People are using only mobile phones so it becomes harder to reach them 8. Political Socialization: Process by which individuals come to have certain core beliefs and political attitudes 9. Agents of Socialization a. Family: shape children’s outlook on life and politics i. The majority of adults still identify with the same party as their parents b. Schools: Convey lessons about American identity and patriotism
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Government Chapter 5 c. Popular Culture: Things like movies, music, and advertising shape political outputs
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Govt Chapter 5 - Government Chapter 5 Public Opinion 1 Core...

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