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1 Weekly Summary Chad McKenrick HCS/131 4/10/2017 University of Phoenix
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2 Weekly Summary I am always a big video fan every week I have seen videos that make me thing and review how I am present day. The reading stood out also though not as fun as watching a good video. I take verbal and non-verbal communication for granted so times at home though when I am working it is a must. I learned a lot this week when it comes to work and how to assert myself yet be supportive to others. The way I use tone to convey my voice or if I just turn away and walk off have a large bearing on how people see me and receive the message or information I wish to convey to them. Showing someone with eye contact or a single finger on your chin to convey interest in what they are saying can greatly increase how well you get along with someone at work compared to if you rolled your eyes at them while they were talking. The other is verbal communication you must watch your tones for example when talking to others because it can change the message you are trying to send. Example, if I ask someone to
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