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1 Skills Summary Chad McKenrick HCS/131 04/03/2017 University of Phoenix
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2 Skills Summary To: [email protected] Cc: Bcc: Subject: Summary of Skills Hello, Committee I am glad that I have been considered for this International conference. I understand your concerns about having the right abilities to perform effectively and communicate properly at this conference, With the cultural diversity cross cultural communication skills is a prerequisite for this conference. The classes I have taken on this are sure to have prepared me for this task and provided me with the skills that are needed to perform in a professional manner across the possibly barriers I may encounter during this conference. One principle is the larger the cultural and language difference the greater the chances are that there will be a breakdown in communication. An example of this would-be eye contact an American relies on eye contact to show interest were as someone from Japan may take offence to such eye contact. Many other things can add to these issues like worldviews, styles in communicating like hand gestures, and cultural values and personal ones. Cultural difference is
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