practice clicker questions for biology

practice clicker questions for biology - The Questions...

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The Questions included in this session are: 1. How does the word theory in science differ from its use in everyday English? A. There is no difference - the terms are interchangeable. B. All scientific theories have stood the test of time. C. Scientific theories are not based on guesswork. They explain scientific laws. D. Scientific theories are testable explanations of specific questions, not speculative guesses. 2. Environments all over the world are changing as a result of global warming. Will this cause natural selection to occur? A. No. The environment is always changing. Global warming is nothing new. B. Yes. Traits that help individuals produce more offspring in warmer environments will increase in frequency. C. No. The only change will be that species from hot environments will expand their ranges. D. Yes. Mutations occur more frequently in hot environments. 3. Why did the five-kingdom system of classification fall out of favor? A. It was too complex-the original two-kingdom system of Linnaeus was more useful. B. It was too difficult to distinguish plants from fungi and animals from protistans. C. There were too many monerans to be included in a single kingdom. D. It did not reflect the actual evolutionary relationships among organisms very well. 4. A friend of yours calls to say that his car would not start this morning. He asks for your help. You say that you think the battery must be dead, and that if so, then jump-starting the car from a
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practice clicker questions for biology - The Questions...

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