Medical Tourism - "Medical Tourism" The phenomenon of...

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“Medical Tourism” The phenomenon of "medical tourism" is becoming a widespread practice for most Americans. Medical tourism is the practice of a patient "outsourcing" healthcare services to an area outside of his/her home country. Last year alone Americans spent over 60 billion dollars on medical procedures oversees. Medical travel is becoming more popular, since more people are discovering the benefits medical tourism has to offer. The main benefits of medical tourism include getting the opportunity to travel to an exotic destination while reaping the benefits of saving money on an expensive medical procedure. Procedures overseas cost a fraction of what they might cost in the United States. For example, a heart bypass surgery performed in the United States could cost upwards of $100,000, where the exact same surgery could be done in France for $33,100 and in India the procedure would be only $7,000. Thus, many Americans are traveling overseas in search of more affordable health care. Some Americans are electing to go overseas for medically
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Medical Tourism - "Medical Tourism" The phenomenon of...

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