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Chapter 17 (Buskirk) Part I: Transcribing the Genetic Code (DNA mRNA) DNA sequence that will be transcribed to make messenger RNA: #1 #2 G T T A C C T C G A T A G T C A T A A G A T T C G A (the DNA strand) On the next line, write the base sequence of the mRNA complementary to the above DNA: (Use the base pairing rules A-T, C-G; remember that RNA has U, not T) __________________________________________________________________________________ the mRNA Part II: Translating the Genetic Code (mRNA protein) Translate your mRNA above into an amino acid sequence here, using abbreviations from the mRNA
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Unformatted text preview: codon chart below. Begin at the “start” codon; end with the last amino acid before the “stop” codon. Amino acid sequence Part III: Effect of DNA base-substitution mutation on the resulting protein (a) What would be the effect of a base substitution in the original DNA above at site #1 so that A is changed to G ? (b) What would be the effect of a base substitution at site #2 (on the original DNA above) so that T becomes a C ? (c) What would be the effect of a mutation in the start codon (i.e., no AUG in the mRNA?)...
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