Quiz Ch. 7,10 - adv 318J SI session week#6 Quiz Chapter 7...

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adv 318J SI session week #6 Textbook 1. O’Guinn and others misunderstand Bill Bernbach. What successful advertising campaign, among many others, was Bernbach responsible for in the 1960’s? (242) A. Rolls Royce C. Avis E. Coke-A- Cola B. Goodyear D. Volkswagen [Extra: What two things did Bill Bernbach believe about advertising research? (textbook notes)] I. _____ One needs solid research to form the basis for developing effective adv________ II. ___ Research never comes up with a creative idea, it is what one does with the research insights that really matters____ 2. T / F When judging research, the term trustworthiness means that the information generated is relevant to the questions being investigated. (244) Validity 3. T / F Recognition testing asks the consumer just how much, if anything, they remember. This method is most often used in television advertising tests. (263) Recall 4. Which of the following is NOT a way that Accounting Planning differs from traditional advertising research? (270) A. Relies heavier on evaluative research B. More active involvement during the whole advertising process C. More qualitative and naturalistic research D. One planner is assigned to a single client 5. T / F The key to “coolhunting” is to look for cool people first , and then cool things later . (251) 6. Which of these copy research methods tests the "getting it" dimension? (260) A. Recognition D. Resonance B. Communication E. None of the above - “Do you know what ‘nada’ means?” - “Isn't that a light chicken gravy?” Dusty Bottoms, Three Amigos
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C. Recall 7. T / F When judging research validity means that the method generates generally consistent findings over time. (page 244) Reliability 8. T / F In a recognition test the goal is to determine to what extent the message resonates or rings true with target- audience member. (page 260) Resonance Testing 9. The Crest Whitestrips ad is an example of using which developmental ad research? (page 246) a. Audience Profiling b. Concept Testing c. Idea Generation d. Audience Definition e. Resonance Testing Lecture 10. According to Wilson Bryan Key, which of the following is NOT a key point of subliminal advertising? a. Massive cover-up by ad industry b. Advertising is most potent force c. Hidden images and words appeal to represses sexual taboos and work on an unconscious level d. Advertising is as powerful as family, school, church in our culture e. Advertisers manipulate using hidden images and words 11. T or F According to our guest speakers, Sage Baker and and drive everything that your company and brand does. (02.20.07) Explain 12. According to Sage Baker, which of the following is NOT a characteristic/skill one must endure while working at GSD&M? (02.20.07)
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Quiz Ch. 7,10 - adv 318J SI session week#6 Quiz Chapter 7...

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