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Collapse_of_the_Soviet_Union - free(ex updates 5 Out...

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1) Collapse of the Soviet Union, the Fall of the Berlin Wall alternative of capitalism against free market capitalism - More people entered global market - Everyone had the same values and one economy 2) Netscape first created popular browser - Connected people with different formats = standardization, creation of world wide web. - .com phase was foundation to digital phase 3) Netscape and Browsers people worked together even though they were not in the same spot. - People talked to one another and sent projects of all sorts to the best qualified person (lowest paid person) 4) Open Sourcing people came together to make new software and gave it away for
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Unformatted text preview: free (ex. updates) 5) Out Sourcing Americans hired India programmers to help with software needs (help lines) Breaking up software programs and giving them out to people in different countries were it is cheapest. - Send your software needs to India, more practical instead of bringing them to US.- 1990’s India sots economy = but after all this opened up foreign investment let American in and invest or have companies in India.- EX: Y2K Crisis = glitch in computers couldn’t use 00#’s so end of civialization....
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