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3.30.09 Communist Manifesto (1848) German = original text Manifesto declaration Communism = spectre that powers of Europe feel they must exorcise Communism adopted in all countries no need for countries because it will unite everyone; particularly good for proletariat Naked-self interest; torn veils takes away everything that covers the truth; bourgeoisie strips things of the pretty things; man has to face “with sober senses” his conditions of life and what’s going on All new-formed relationship become antiquated before they can ossify capitalism thrives on change; everything constantly changes and collapses;
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Unformatted text preview: make things that will be outdated so that they can make newer ones and be ahead • Bourgeoisie like sorcerer who has lost control of the netherworld can’t control the people it created (proletariat) & can’t control production • Glow of capitalism = fetishization of commodities materialism • Transfer from emotions attached to religion to commodities • Modern day proletariat factory workers under terrible conditions in 3 rd world countries • Family = cash relation • Arrival of mobs & masses • Hoped it would happen in Germany most advanced industrial society...
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