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11.20 notes - Charles Thomas Semaj

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Study Guide 4 Putnam Identity Resolution stagnation = person is stuck at a stage of development; can be associated with a period in history stagewise linear progression = person moves through stages in sequential fashion (Piaget, Erikson) recycling = once a person has gone through the stages, they have episodes of a previous stage; can be associated with a social phenomena Wallace Process/Non-Process Oriented Theories process-oriented theories that look at stages, states, or levels that a person transgresses in identity development non-process oriented theories that make comparisons between militant and conservative blacks for all issues Cross Nigrescence the process of becoming black; developed in 70s out of change from 60s & 70s; 1) Africans became slaves 2) during slavery, Africans became Negroes & negative terms 3) during 60s Black became beautiful whereas time period = Negro to Black Identity Transformation or Conversion 5 Stages 1. pre-encounter (prediscovery) black person out of touch w/ self racially; world view dominated by Euro-American determinants causing him/her to act in a manner that denigrates & denies blacks; person is deracinated; you are what society tells you, even if it’s negative 2. encounter (discovery) person experiences a shocking personal/social event which pushes them past old world concepts & into an intense search for identity (historical events, social events, personal events) 3. immersion-emersion immersion – person becomes immersed in blackness;
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11.20 notes - Charles Thomas Semaj

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