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Animals & Women Speech Pornography and Hunting pg. 128 Constitution When women try to fight porn congress says the first amendment allows it freedom of speech antipornography legislation can go against free speech that results in a movement for free speech that can thereby defend the pornography industry Animal rights activists go against hunting but Congress doesn’t want to address the issue first amendment says that they can hunt Hunter harassment laws when someone is hunting, you can’t stop/impede them from it if it is lawfully allowed Verbally harassing & inhibiting their legal right to hunt = hunter harassment legislation has been passed to protect the rights of hunters to hunt
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Unformatted text preview: The association btw. Hunter harassment laws & antipornography vs. freedom of speech ironies that arise in protecting the freedom of speech Parallels abortion vs. animal rights hunter harassment law argument has 3 parties animals, hunters, anti-hunting advocacy groups; antipornography argument has 2 women & men Congress leans toward the side of the hunters: 1. Money from hunting. 2. NRA good relations with them = money. 3. Men hunt, not women. animal rights activists are women lean towards side of men, not women Congress is inconsistent Pg. 129 different views of how people view porn...
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