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February 25 - February 25, 2008 Animals & Women Chapter 13...

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February 25, 2008 Animals & Women Chapter 13 animal is usually absent referent missing link btw. Subject of oppression ”women treated as dog meat” implies it’s ok to treat a dog like a dog and meat as meat feminists must band together to fight all forms of oppression challenge all power, even benevolent power naming violence after its victims compartmentalizes oppression leads to adopting causes and championizing victims competition between victims instead of re-victimizing the oppressed, oppose oppression outright get past “victimology” = state of victimhood work towards preventing future oppression prevent future death or extinction & protect future victims puts you in eyes of murderers we do not protect those being killed, we exploit their victimization to get a divide & rule separate victims from actual survivors compartmentalizing puts the focus on the victims created through that oppression most people benefit from oppression focus less on who is oppressing who and who is oppressed and focus more on the connection between all different oppression & analyze the mechanics of oppression superior norm v. deviant other man/woman; white/black; adult/child; First world/Third world; national/foreign; human/animal; human culture/nature; heterosexual/homosexual; Aryan/Jew; Christian/Jew, Muslim; healthy/sick; abled/ disabled; civilized/primitive; war/peace rather than reshuffling for new positions on oppression ladder, dismantle whole
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February 25 - February 25, 2008 Animals & Women Chapter 13...

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