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March 3, 2008 Greta Gaard Toward A Queer Ecofeminism Homosexuality is conceived of as unnatural heterosexism Oppressions are mutually reinforcing fight all oppressions Naturism oppression of nature Devaluation of the erotic = heterosexist devaluation of gay sexuality/devaluation of erotic period Anything to do with sex is cultural taboo for western society moral issue Dualisms: culture/nature; reason(mind, enlightenment)/nature; male/female; mind/body(nature); master/slave; reason/matter (physicality); rationality/animality (nature); reason/emotion (nature; male/female); mind/spirit(nature); freedom/necessity (nature); universal/particular; human/nonhuman(nature); civilized/primitive (nature); production/reproduction(nature); public/private;
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Unformatted text preview: subject/object; self/other • Claim for superiority of the self is based on the difference between self and other subject v. object • Homosexuals are looked at as just sexual entities • Animals are used as the epitome as savages used to express our human-animal impulses primal impulsives • Primary misconception is that women are naturally maternal • Erotophobia fear of the erotic can extend to heterosexuality can’t be exclusive & just apply to redemption of heterosexual culture • Each characteristic of the “other” is seen as closer to nature • Homosexuality is “against God” can’t procreate • Women are seen as hyper-procreative people • Homosexual activity happens in animals too...
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