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March 3, 2008 Greta Gaard Toward A Queer Ecofeminism Homosexuality is conceived of as unnatural heterosexism Oppressions are mutually reinforcing fight all oppressions Naturism oppression of nature Devaluation of the erotic = heterosexist devaluation of gay sexuality/devaluation of erotic period Anything to do with sex is cultural taboo for western society moral issue Dualisms: culture/nature; reason(mind, enlightenment)/nature; male/female; mind/body(nature); master/slave; reason/matter (physicality); rationality/animality (nature); reason/emotion (nature; male/female); mind/spirit(nature); freedom/necessity (nature); universal/particular; human/nonhuman(nature); civilized/primitive (nature); production/reproduction(nature); public/private;
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Unformatted text preview: subject/object; self/other Claim for superiority of the self is based on the difference between self and other subject v. object Homosexuals are looked at as just sexual entities Animals are used as the epitome as savages used to express our human-animal impulses primal impulsives Primary misconception is that women are naturally maternal Erotophobia fear of the erotic can extend to heterosexuality cant be exclusive & just apply to redemption of heterosexual culture Each characteristic of the other is seen as closer to nature Homosexuality is against God cant procreate Women are seen as hyper-procreative people Homosexual activity happens in animals too...
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