March 5 - A Feminist Exploration

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March 5, 2008 Caring about Suffering: A Feminist Exploration Issue of animal exploitation in male dominated society Role of women ontology of care which is oppressed Care tradition care v. rationality (rights) engrained that we fight for rights proposal recasts concept of rights within mind/body or rational/body duality rights developed from a patriarchal source rights are inherently patriarchal & sexist notion of rights = paradigm shift suggest; rather than base goals on equality & happiness, it should be based on what has been discounted, marginalized & demonized emotions discount power & authority which has been patriarchal in our society viewed as feminine Men devalue care tradition Women not properly listened to because of their feelings Environment is sexist & speciesist System of oppression distinguishes reason from emotion Sex speciesism sexual & species inequality are in a patriarchal society & men come up with it go together Women can choose not to see themselves as only for sex but can’t get out of the system it’s up to the male to stop view women as sex objects Species categorization is one aspect of a racist patriarchy
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March 5 - A Feminist Exploration

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