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March 31 - a License to Kill(pg 99 Holy Hunter thinks that...

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March 31, 2008a License to Kill (pg 99) Holy Hunter thinks that hunting is his religion find spirituality feel like they’re praying while they’re waiting for the kill feel like they identify with the animal; devolution returning to that primal state feel that they physically Native American cultures believed that the animals would give their life for the good of their survival gaze feel that the animal says “you can kill me” with its eyes Pg 102 mutuality of death animals help humans flourish by giving their lives in exchange for humans promoting their fertility Pg 103 eating animals is often described in a language that contains sexual undertones eating it can be seen as worshipping it because you’re sharing in its life Pg 105 when a boy and a girl are raised the boy is nurtured by his mom and has to disassociate himself from his mom to be like his dad but the female can
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