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rape&hunting summary - pages 137-141 Animals &...

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pages 137-141 Anita Hill, Clarence Thomas court case sexual harassment survey of definition women understand what it is but men claimed they had no idea Michigan law specified sexual harassment = illegal sex discrimination o Happens to a woman not because of the kind of woman she is, simply because she is a woman o Not a biological expression of all men According to the law, discrimination can take one of two forms o Quid pro quo submission to/rejection of conduct (sexual nature) will influence employment/education, housing, & other public services status or decision making processes affecting the individual o Hostile environment the climate created by the conduct interferes with the victim’s functioning or psychological well-being much is subject to interpretation; who’s to say what constitutes a hostile environment to a “reasonable woman” standard Gender-based norm sanctified by law = unsettling law can be applied Michigan hunter harassment law vs. sexual harassment law
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rape&hunting summary - pages 137-141 Animals &...

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