March 21 - Logic of policy of appeasement Hitlers demands...

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March 21, 2008 Logic of policy of appeasement Hitler’s demands were largely legitimate March 1939 Germans occupied rest of Czechoslovakia Hitler abandoned Munich Conference 2/3 of Europe said that only a war would solve it problem people in Czechoslovakia were not German wasn’t justified after Hitler did that, the French & British declared they’d fight if Germany attacked Poland Hitler didn’t believe them felt that Western Democracies were weak Aug 1939 Nazis & Soviet Union signed a non-aggression pact shocked it was a way of avoiding a 2- front war From Russian perspective they didn’t trust the west, they weren’t included it was in their interested to form the non-aggression pact secret clause that divided Poland between them Invaded in September 1 1939 Germans were responding to the abuse of the German minority in Poland New kind of war close to 60 million killed, half civilians Pg. 232 speech that Hitler gave to his generals before Poland invasion “only 3 great statesmen Stalin, him, Mussolini” strength in quickness & brutality doesn’t care what western countries thinks about him goal wasn’t reaching certain lines but physically demolishing the opponent Germans used Blitzkrieg or lighting war overpower enemy with artillery, bombing, & huge number of troops Poles not prepared for this Polish resistance collapsed in 2 weeks French & British declared war but were not involved in fighting until spring of 1940 period known as “Phoney War” officially at war but not in combat Spring 1940 wanted to secure those areas because they feared British bases there May/June 1940 attacked Belgium, France
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March 21 - Logic of policy of appeasement Hitlers demands...

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