rise of Nazism

rise of Nazism - Why didnt anyone do anything to stop the...

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Why didn’t anyone do anything to stop the rise of Nazism? Other nations were struggling with their own domestic problems due to the Great depression France had economic problems & a political crisis a large percentage of the population (minority) was opposed to democracy increasingly had the development of an indigenous fascism in response the other half of the population organized the Popular Front an uneasy coalition of liberal socialists & the communist party that was opposed to fascism; won the elections of 1936 appointed Leon Blum committed to defending democracy; became prime minister in a difficult time right wing was against him; motto = better Hitler than Blum dealt with hostility Blum pushed through reforms guaranteed vacation for workers; had his own crisis Spanish Civil War Spain had a popular front government; republic in 1936 was confronted with a military uprising against democracy led by Francisco Franco long, bloody conflict supported by Mussolini & Hitler; democracy supported by Soviet Union Leon Blum tried to intervene by creating an embargo didn’t work Spanish republic was weakly supported Became international cause famous writers went to fight for democracy Pg 188 unified fight against fascism ordinary people had to stop the fascist nightmare from occurring “Because we have joined with and become an active part of a force on whose shoulders rests the responsibility of stopping the spread of fascism” crush fascism here & save people at home from its oppression on battlefields they fight for preservation of democracy universalizing, noble mission Franco wins
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rise of Nazism - Why didnt anyone do anything to stop the...

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