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RussianRev booknotes - The Russian Revolution(Chapter notes...

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02/11/08 The Russian Revolution (Chapter notes - McKay) Russian Revolution (1917) Russia patriotic enthusiasm Tsar Nicholas II vowed “never to make peace as long as the enemy stood on Russian soil” Artillery barrages used up Russia’s shells & ammunition German armies inflicted losses 1915 Russians sent to front without rifles find arms among dead Duma & organs of local govt. took lead special committees to coordinate Efforts improved military situation Problem = leadership tsar retained complete control over bureaucracy & army veto power Nicholas II wanted to maintain royal power Failed to form partnership with citizens Tsar on battlefield Rumor Rasputin = empress’s lover aristocracy killed him empress went into semi permanent shock March revolution = result of unplanned uprising of people Alexander Kerensky agrarian socialist = prime minister by July 1917 Petrograd Soviet mass meeting of 2000-3000 workers, soldiers, & socialist intellectuals Army order No. 1 issued to all Russian military forces as provisional govt. was forming stripped officers of authority & placed power in hands of elected committees of common soldiers Vladimir Ilyich Lenin comes into power Bolsheviks majority group overthrew Lenin came to power Constituent Assembly drew up new constitution War communism application of total war concept to a civil conflict Cheka old tsarist secret police hunted down & executed thousands of real or supposed foes Peace resolution peace without territorial annexations 1919 Treaty of Versailles League of Nations Wilson’s peace plan Balfour Declaration November 1917 Britain in favor of “National Home for Jewish People” in Palestine Atatürk Mustafa Kemal “father of the Turks military man who directed successful defense of Dardanelles against British attack America rejects Treaty of Versailles
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Class Lecture Why both Germany & Russia felt their political systems were superior &
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RussianRev booknotes - The Russian Revolution(Chapter notes...

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