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Final Study Guide - Euro Study Guide Why did Englishmen and...

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Euro Study Guide Why did Englishmen and Americans go to fight in the Spanish Civil War?(chapter 4, section 9) They supported a Loyalist cause Section 11: 258-261 What do the pamphlets of the White Rose proclaim to the German people? What motivated them to resist? The pamphlets urged passive resistance to the National Socialist regime & hoped that if Germans were more aware of the Nazi’s inhumane character they would withdraw their loyalty. Chapter 6, section 1 (pp. 278-281, 284-92, 313-321): How did Cologne look after the war according to Stephen Spender? What were the economic consequences of war in Europe? How did the creation of the United Nations represent an attempt to avoid a new war? How did George C. Marshall feel the Americans could help in Europe? There were no houses left. There were few habitable buildings left. It was in ruins, a “corpse-city.” Europe was physically destroyed and needed to be rebuilt. The people themselves were murdered & malnutrition & starvation killed more people so populations went down. Germany was left with debts for reparation. Prices went up, wages went down, and because people could not afford the things they needed, black markets became rampant. The United Nations was a fundamental declaration of unity against the common enemy and a commitment to human rights. It was an alliance system that would be a preventative measure to war. Marshall wanted the US to aid Europe & reevaluate the government’s principal objectives: to feed, Chapter 6, section 4: What did Churchill mean by the "iron curtain?" How would Kruschchev respond to Churchill? What was George Kennan's position? Why and how should the Soviet Union be contained according to him? How does Spaak legitimize the existence of Nato? What was Nato's purpose? The Iron Curtain was the division between the Soviet Sphere and the American/British Sphere. It was the line between communism and capitalistic democratic life. Khrushchev said it was an unwarranted attack and that he was trying to instigate war and the US was following suit. He instructed Americans on a Communist way of thinking and tried to teach them how they interpreted the behavior of Communist nations. He explained the Soviet Union didn’t do things that would endanger its existence. The US didn’t need to make war but it did need to contain the growth and expansion of the Soviet Union. NATO is a preventative organization, and the alliances keep war from occurring. It is a positive organization that maintains the peace. Chapter 6: Section 5: (pp. 322-331)How does Nehru characterize British rule in India? Were there any positive aspects to British imperialism? What were the negative aspects? How did the Republic of Vietnam defend its desire for independence from France? How about Vietnam? He praises western culture but blames British arrogance & economic exploitation for his county’s
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Final Study Guide - Euro Study Guide Why did Englishmen and...

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