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Nasty Girl Notes - Karl Garstens essay contest Sonya Wegmus...

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Karl Garstens essay contest Sonya Wegmus aus Pfilzing “Freiheit in Europa” = topic Herr Schulz helped her town archives to research freedom Herr Wegmus Tree where gallows once stood pray at it Wegmus hits on Sonya Mailman came with surprise letter from office of president won first prize in all of Germany in essay contest trip to France Prays to tree to protect Wegmus because he’s leaving & prays that he’ll come back to marry Iris Wegmus meets up with her at tree to say goodbye sees picture on tree says he’ll come back to her first name basis Martin get engaged 1976 trip to Paris each prize winner had to describe country GDR = German Democratic Republic socialistic union or democratic Bavaria? Gets silver medal Professor Juckenack Latin teacher’s (Fraulein Juckenack) brother Martin returns as a licensed teacher Fraulein Juckenack returns with more good news Bundespresident announced new contest “My Hometown during the Third Reich” Began to question people who lived during that time Uncle Franz “Nazis didn’t pay attention to seminary; locked up Father Schulte, then let him go killed him” Prof. Juckenack was in charge of church archives spoke only of Mayor Zumtobel, not of Father Schulte Went to archives to find more on Zumtobel confidential files, not available; needed permission from his widow Wanted papers of her husband’s trial Zumtobel spent six yrs in a labor camp & died she wouldn’t give permission Crosses wanted to remove them from the schoolrooms
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Nasty Girl Notes - Karl Garstens essay contest Sonya Wegmus...

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