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1st book review notes

1st book review notes - Cabello Balboa-no definite dates...

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Social hierarchy: - Incas divided empire into 4 geopolitical units that radiated from capital: Cuzco suyus - Northwest = Chinchaysuyu; Northeast= Antisuyu; Southeast=Collasuyu; Southwest= Cuntisuyu - Inhabited by semiautonomous ethnic groups controlled territories within suyu system - Social hierarchy determined by ranked kin groups first mythical Inca, Manco Capac & royal siblings travedl with other groups hierarchical order among them - “poor Inca” formed lower class of producers who supported ruling elite through tribute - were recognized as “Inca” through ancestral representatives who accompanied Manco Capac on mythical journey from Tambotoco to Cuzco or if they lived in region where it was customary to wear ear spools like the ruler - hierarchy was determined by birth Cuzco Chronology: - one absolute date: November 16, 1532 in Andean city of Cajamarca Pizarro captured Atahualpa (Inca) - seizure, ransom payments, & death by garroting marked end of native rule - approximated dates recorded ranged from 1250 AD to 1533 AD
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Unformatted text preview: Cabello Balboa-no definite dates because Andean peoples had no linear calendar all dates except the fall of the people are approximate Subsistence Settlement Systems/Maukallaqta/Puma Orco:-Incan empire occupied massive amount of land -many villages occupied at least 1 hectare of land-Maukallaqta (Old City)comprises ruins of over 200 structures includes Inca stone masonry chambers and well constructed rooms-Puma Orco east of Maukallaqta stone outcrop with a rock fall at norther en cave at northern base which leads to rock fall area carved boulders; found knives & a burial room w/ gold & silver ornaments-Evidence of artwork & craftsmanship advanced people Organization today:-social structures & hierarchies are still reproduced today in rural communities in Andes even imperial realms-suggests that ancient social systems are core standards of Andean society-peoples honor & preserve heritage & ancient traditions...
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