April 8 - April 8 2008 Chapter 7 Key Terms Fidalgo/Hidalgo...

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April 8, 2008 Chapter 7 Key Terms: Fidalgo/Hidalgo, Engenho (Spingenio), Fazenda, Lavradores de Cana, Bocal/Bozal, Ladinos, Crioulos, Mocambos/Quilumbos, Pardos, Conversos, Limpieza de Sangre (Cleansing of Blood)***, Mozambo, Misericordia, Camara Chapter 8 Key Terms: Rio de la Plata, Sao Paulo/Paulistas, Resgate, Chichimecs, Presidios, Haciendas, Pueblos Chapter 9 Key Terms: Habsburgs, Bourbon, Creoles, Mercantilism, Enlightenment Chapter 10 Key Terms: Joao (John) V (1705-50) of Portugal, Jose (Joseph) (1750- 1777) of Portugal, Marquis de Pompal, Mina Gerais, Rio de Janero, Brasilia, Mercantilism, Regalist Doctrine, Tax Farming, Miscegenation, Coimbra, Irmandades, Absolutism Concentration on social status rank depended on the color of your skin Fazenda = Hacienda Mercantilism colonies existed for the benefit of the home country or metropole in course of 1700s, absolutism said the king is appointed by God & is the supreme authority revolutions in Latin America began in 1800 self-governing cannot end because of mercantilism & absolutism reason for independence (chp. 11) Engenho is a colonial-era Portuguese term for a sugar mill and the associated facilities Lavradores de Cana Bocal a muzzle Ladinos a Spanish term used to describe various socio-ethnic categories in Latin America , principally in Central America . The term generally refers to a social middle class that is not quite part of the ruling class but is in a definite position of power in relation to the impoverished Amerindian population. In terms of ethnic implications, the term is used fairly loosely across different contexts. Crioulos Mocambos/Quilumbos were village -sized communities mainly of runaway slaves in colonial Brazil , during the Portuguese rule . A mocambo differed from a quilombo in size - a quilombo, like the Quilombo dos Palmares , might embrace many distinct mocambos. The terms were not always used consistently, however. Pardos
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April 8 - April 8 2008 Chapter 7 Key Terms Fidalgo/Hidalgo...

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