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February 26 - Chapter 4 Key Words Tenochtitlan Tlaxcala...

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February 26, 2008 Chapter 4 Key Words : Tenochtitlan, Tlaxcala, Cuzco, Zacatecas, Potosi, Encomienda/Encomenderos, Naboria, Yanaconas, Tratantes, Mita, Audencia, Quinto, Caciques Chatper 5 Key Words : Orajes, Jesuits/Dominicans/Franciscans, Metropole/Metropolis, Mecantilism, Habsburg, Mestizo, Mulatto, Castas, Repartimento, Encomiena/encomiendero, Hacienda, Peon, Potosi, Amalgama, Quinto Chapter 6 Key Words: Hacienda, Peon, Potosi, Amalgamati, Quinto, Inquisitions, Corregimento/ Corregidor, Cuadrilla Spanish established in Central Mexico & highlands of Peru initially use capital cities of Aztec empire ( Tenochtitlan Cuzco ) as centers of power One exception establish port to communicate with homeland (Villa Rica in Mexico) a.k.a Vera-Cruz Highland air in Peru is too sparse/thin capital becomes Lima Have to divide spoils initially awarded use of Indian labor ( Encomiendas ) more important conquistadors get district or province has right to use labor of peoples in that area ruler of area = encomendero Certain allies were exempted Tlaxcalans chief allies that allowed Cortez to conquer Aztecs Driving factors profit pillaged gold and silver that’s been processed want more search out mines Mexico mines in Zacatecas Highlands of Andes in Peru mines in Potosi Inca empire mita pay taxes in labor People at very top also had to work Need go-betweens rulers = caciques native rulers/chiefs/nobles who have thrown in their lot with the new rulers Spanish rule through native chiefs Dealing with mines & various provinces collaborators rulers who learned Spanish and worked with new rulers Mexico= Naborias ; Inca Empire = Yanaconas attach themselves to new Spanish overlord and begin Hispanization Spanish won’t learn old languages these go-betweens learn Spanish & work together become hispanized
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February 26 - Chapter 4 Key Words Tenochtitlan Tlaxcala...

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