Midterm Review

Midterm Review - Non-sedentary people reconquista...

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Midterm Review - Non-sedentary people nomadic people; very hard to conquer - reconquista reconquest of Spain from the Moors - Primogeniture first born inherit all; second born go into clergy; 3 rd and thereafter are trained in warfare - Sedentary people stay in one place; develop civilization; easy to conquer - Semi-sedentary people spend some of the year engaged in farming and the rest in hunter/gathering extremely difficult to conquer - Hegemony one people control another; city states - Nahuatl Aztec language - Quechua Inca language - Mita / Corvee Incas paid taxes in labor - Quipa knots through stones for communication; Incas - Mayas fell from high civilization city-states constantly at war/overpopulation - Montezuma ruler of Aztecs; believed Cortez was the god-king - Quetzacoatl god-king of Aztecs - Caciques native chiefs of Caribbean/all native chiefs in New World “go- betweens” from conquistadors to natives; learned Spanish - Encomienda
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Midterm Review - Non-sedentary people reconquista...

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