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april20 - o Garden scene = Eden o Freder as Christ =...

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4.20.09 o Mobs o One leader of the revolution o Workers follow crowd o Fake Maria has the ability to truly pass for a human & has been created for diabolic purposes o Olympia’s makers view her as a social experiment while Rotwang sees her as a servant for revenge as well as a replacement for his former lover Christian Symbols in Metropolis:
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Unformatted text preview: o Garden scene = Eden o Freder as Christ = “Son” o Fire & brimstone comes down o Flood o Moloch o Children with Maria = birth o Advocating som o “mediator” • Andreas Huyssen “Vamp & the Machine” o “vagina dentata” = machine consuming people • Kafkaesque o Morbid o Disorienting o Feeling of lack of control for main character o Abstract o dark...
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