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Limes still seen at Danube & Main; Roman frontier fortifications (ditches/banks) 1 st settled Germanic communities under Franks: 486; Frankish empire unites German tribes (Alemanni, Bavarians, Saxons) “deutsche lande” more common than Deutschland feudalism military aristocracy vassals swear allegiance to lord & work fiefs for protection Otto I 1 st nd Holy Roman Empire @ peak included Germany, Italy, Burgandy, Vast empire princes of local territories held jurisdiction; Emperor had very little power, more of a figurehead Emperor had to first be elected king of the romans eventually elected by Kurfursten (formal electoral college) Protestant Reformation reform movement starting in 1517 with Martin Luther; Catholics upset with church practice (indulgences, simony) corruption; leads to Luther nailing 95 theses to door of All Saints’ Church in Wittenburg argued that indulgences were not needed, only faith; church is anywhere where people are gathered in honest worship translated bible into German so that common people could read & praise personally Hanseatic League (Hansa) alliance of trading cities & guilds that established & maintained trade monopoly along coast of Northern Europe in late Middle Ages & Early Modern period a league formed for economic cooperation German Eastward Expansion medieval eastward migration & settlement of Germans from modern day Western & Central German into less populated regions of Eastern Central & Eastern Europe (Slovenia to Estonia); before migration, these societies underwent cultural changes in demography, religion, law + administration, agriculture, settlement numbers & structures. *termed Ostkolonisation (“east colonization) or Hochmittlealterlicher Landesbau (late medieval land consolidation);
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German Litstudyguide - German Lit & Culture Study Guide...

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