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4.14.09 Durkheim (1910 – France) real object of religion is society the real greater power o reminds us that we are socialized creatures products of our o he doesn’t deny free choice but makes the obvious point that our range of free choices is socially mediated free choice among possibilities of time, place, & culture; o we all speak a language we did not create or choose to be born into o we invoke rights that we did not found all of which are historically recent & when introduced were revolutionary; o we all inherit a treasury of knowledge to which our generation adds in its turn o we are creatures of capitalist society o it’s not just religions but all of society that have regular meetings wherein they celebrate their own existence and meaning & convey their values; they rev up the members to their own commitments o as members of a group, in the group identity we sometimes do things we wouldn’t dare to do as individuals; you become an arm or a leg of
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