innerouterhistory - Heather Fackelman April 21, 2009 Honors...

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Heather Fackelman April 21, 2009 Honors Ways of Knowing Montclair State University From the Inside Born and raised in a close-knit Italian community, from a young age I learned the unspoken rules of my community: women and girls should dress modestly; men are to be chivalrous and respectful; family issues remain inside the walls of a family’s household; most importantly – any issues that escape any given household will be repeated, exaggerated, spread around, and used against you. My town is full of very wealthy, important, and judgmental people, and living there has been the single best lesson in discretion and propriety I have ever learned. Since I was very little, one issue with which I have dealt in particular is that of clothing. My town is, for the most part, conservative, and it is absolutely portrayed by what we wear. Although the trends for girls my age include tight, revealing clothing, it would be frowned upon in my community. Girls dress modestly in order not to be considered provocative or seductive, and girls who do choose to wear that short skirt with their midriff showing are judged for it. Although it sounds like a harsh group of people to live amongst, it is all I have ever known, and I am used to it. I have never found a problem in keeping my body covered, even if it is not considered trendy.
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This note was uploaded on 04/22/2009 for the course PHIL 320 taught by Professor Johnson during the Spring '09 term at Montclair.

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innerouterhistory - Heather Fackelman April 21, 2009 Honors...

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