2.11 - 11 Februrary 2009 Evolution Video The Human Animal:...

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11 Februrary 2009 Evolution Video – The Human Animal: A Natural History of the Human Species Biology of Love o animals mating behaviors change from species to species o human sexuality female doesn’t advertise when she’s fertile (always sexually active, even when she can’t conceive); female is generally always sexually appealing; sexually responsive throughout pregnancy and immediately after; courtship is longer than any other primate as children opposite sexes are separate & hostile to each other must become strangers to each other so that when puberty occurs the can form a new relationship; hostility is replaced with curiosity parading eye to eye contact; display to opposite sex males visual stage of mating attractiveness; can be conscious or unconscious; males are attracted to females that show signs of health and fertility females impulses seek signs of masculinity for protection face dilated pupils = sexual activity; pink lips; glowing skin; longer legs blushing is superficially similar to the flushing that occurs in the last stages of love-making breasts produce a powerful symbol shape is sexual; butt is usually sexual; breasts are the frontal sexual symbol rounded shoulders & knees are reminiscent of the primeval buttock display lips = external genitals; redness (lipstick) is reminiscent of what happens during sexual activity universal beauty standards outline of adult male body (triangle made by wide shoulders over narrow waist); compact muscular buttocks for thrusting power as well as muscular build that isn’t over cultivated (vanity); youthfulness; most important features
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2.11 - 11 Februrary 2009 Evolution Video The Human Animal:...

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