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Final Study Guide - Cultural Anthropology Final Study Guide...

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Cultural Anthropology Final Study Guide 1. Extended family several closely related nuclear families clustered together into a large domestic group; more moral & physical support; division of labor; good for agricultural society (traditional) Nuclear family husband, wife, kids in same household (cultural ideal); allow for greater mobility (modern, industrial economy) 2. Brazil (colonized by Portugal) originally used sharecropping (landowner collects percentage of production from people who work land); plantations require more industrial production leading to slavery; consumption increased as production increased; most important commodity before oil 3. World system = a world in which nations are economically & politically interdependent; distribution of production & consumption are separated due to cheap labor & resources; capitalism = exchange of people, resources, & wealth developed with development of plantation economy: countries have capital & those with the colonies & resources are core countries, practice value addition & make profit; semi-periphery countries deal with raw materials but also make transactions, emerging economies; periphery countries sell raw materials to core & semi-periphery countries & make no profit; capitalism 4. Britain Demographic factor: not enough population to meet increased demand;
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Final Study Guide - Cultural Anthropology Final Study Guide...

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