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Study Guide I - Study Guide I Eugenics the study of...

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Study Guide I Eugenics the study of heredity that promotes sterilization; Galton wrote Hereditary Genius: Its Laws and Consequences in 1869; he argued that intelligence was inherited and passed on in genes; he sought to preserve people who were genetically superior by having them reproduce and having inferior people sterilized. equatorial hypothesis the idea that darkness in skin color increased in proportion to the nearness to the equator mulatto hypothesis intelligence increased in proportioned to the amount of white blood in a person social Darwinism survival of the fittest applied to society; leads to racial hierarchies Crane’s Racial Classification Scale (1923) 1. So light 2. Very light 3. Medium dark 4. Pitch black brass instruments psychological & physiological measurement instruments spreading caliper measured distances between points separated by protruding shapes (cranial size) sliding caliper measured small, linear distances (lip size) anthropometer measured sitting or standing height Ales Hrdlicka appointed head of Division of Physical Anthropology published instructions for standardization in measurement & observation of physical characteristics of man (skull, brain, endurance Melville Herskovits (1930) published Anthropometry of the American Negro at Harvard included genealogical info & measurement of characteristics Louis Sullivan measured hair & lips; said straight hair was natural hair color tops 1912 Milton Bradley Davenport developed tops with white, black, yellow, & red discs pump until color matches color standards 1928 Gustav Fritsch; developed strips of transparent paper in 49 shades to compare skin tone color blocks 1918 Felix Von Luschan uses plates on blocks to match skin color
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tintometer (1908) John Gray uses pigmentation meter; saturation to determine skin color photometer
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