Study Guide III

Study Guide III - Study Guide emulation of the me...

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Study Guide emulation of the “me” generation - upwardly mobile black males & females; people feel they’ve earned what they have; they can do more for others than others can do for them; people opt for perpetual agreements exclusion of the Black male from the home - consequence of social welfare system; among lower income blacks; people don’t need mates to be successful parents separation of the masculine and feminine role - Prince Charming Cinderella syndrome; black couples buy into sexist nature of society; black couples are actually more androgynous; idea that males are stronger and females are weaker (male and female roles) running a game on each other - people focus on sex & sexuality; get as much as you can & give as little; have as many mates as possible without significant other knowing; players mentality; conquest not commitment; exploits blackness to “get over on the other person” cash connection - short-term; everything is a commodity; anything & anyone can be bought or sold; anything you invest money in you own flesh connection - grows out of pornographic nature of society; based purely on pursuit of sex; we look at each other as sexual conquests force connection - economic coercion; rises out of violent & oppressive character of society; men use physical strength to subdue women in arguments they would otherwise lose; economic = person can control another person with needs that he or she supplies becomes decision maker dependency connection - person that has been whipped into compliance; turned into a
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Study Guide III - Study Guide emulation of the me...

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