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Unformatted text preview: Things to read for this exam with short summary: *P. Gordon, Can the War on Terror Be Won? Foreign Affairs (Nov/Dec. 2007), pp. 53-66. Most of this article compares the cold war to the war on terror especially because they are idealogical wars without a specific end. WAR ON TERROR-Bush Supporters believe there's a need to go on offensive against terrorists to keep them in check, need to promote democracy in mid-east and give the president extensive war time powers-Most Democrats believe that success comes through re-establishing he U.S. moral authority and ideological appeal and that Bush's approach has breated more terrorists than eliminated.-DEFINING VICOTORY-defeating an enemy and forcing it to accept political terms.-Can't win a war with no goal-Different "victory", when ideology and strategy of those determined to destroy U.S. erodes.-Not looking to defeat Terrorism but diminishing it to a bareable level. WAR-wars always end some short, some long, but all end.-Cold War is not really a war at all. "Long term, multidimensional struggles against insidious and violent ideologies -one side gave up on a "bankrupt" ideology -Kremlin abandoned fight and people stopped believing in the fight and ideology PEACEFUL CO-EXISTENCE-Detente- served to 1)soften he image of the west in soviet eyes 2) Civilize soviet leaders through diplomatic interaction. 3)lead the moscow info dialogue about human rights None of which were the main goal of he strategy Reagan denounced accomodation and talked about defeating communism in the long term. Still saw Soviets as a threat to check and not a falling empire. Communism became a way of life and it was hard to recognize when it was over Hard-liners- Gorbachev had "imperial ambitions and atatchment to military Realists-suspicious of motives and skeptical of his prospects 1989 CIA predicts S.U. as principal adversary for the future, only 18% thought war was over with the fall of the wall. END OF TERRORISM what will it look like no planned victory but al qaeda does 1)drive U.S. out 2) topple the regions rulers 3) establish Islamic authority Fight terror with the same patience, strength and resolve of the Cold War and victory will come. What victory would look like-most of Al Queda's leaders will have been killed or captured, it's sanctuaries destroyed, it's financial sources blocked, its communications interrupted, and most important, its supporters persuaded to find other ways to pursue their goals.-Terrorism wont be gone but its central sponsor and most dangerous executor will be-Nations priorities will come back into balance.-World is a long way off Fundamentalist Islamism has failed everywhere it has been tried paragraph on page 7-8 shows how americans can change mindset and how we will have reason to believe we will prevail....
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Completed_Exam_1_Review[1] - Things to read for this exam...

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