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Conversation-analysis - Conversation analysis These slides...

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Conversation analysis These slides are based on – Sacks H (1992) Lectures on conversation, Blackwell, Oxford – Levinson S (1983) Pragmatics, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge VITS Göran Goldkuhl VITS Göran Goldkuhl Conversation is not a structural product in the same way that a sentence is – it is rather the outcome of two or more independent, goal-directed individuals, with often divergent interests. Stephen C Levinson Conversation Conversation analysis Roots in ethnomethodology The study of participants’ own methods of production and interpretation of social interaction A suspicion towards premature theorizing and ad hoc analytical categories VITS Göran Goldkuhl Turn-taking One participants talks and stops Another participant talks and stops …and so on… ”a local management system” VITS Göran Goldkuhl Turn-taking Current speaker Next speaker VITS Göran Goldkuhl Transition relevance place • Turn-units At its end some other participant is invited to speak next Predictability of turn-unit’s end VITS Göran Goldkuhl
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Next speaker selection Current speaker may select next speaker
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