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COM 391 Review Sheet Exam 1 Fall 2007

COM 391 Review Sheet Exam 1 Fall 2007 - 4 primary...

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COM 391 Review Sheet Exam 1, Fall 2007 Things to know from Lecture Definition of deixis; 3 types 3 branches of semiotic Steve’s definition of pragmatics Truth-conditional semantics Logical positivism Result of logical positivistic influence on truth-conditional semantics Performatives Austin’s felicity conditions Misfires and abuses Illocutionary force 4 procedures/assumptions common to discourse analysis 4 characteristics of conversation analytic approach Things to know from Readings All information in SAT primer Searle Basic unit of linguistic communication Difference between Mayan hieroglyphs and water erosion Regulative and constitutive rules Searle’s principal hypothesis Propositional content & function indicating devices Grice’s definition of meaning; Searle’s argument against it
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Unformatted text preview: 4 primary conditional sets underlying promising (and all specific conditions) Searle’s discussion of “ouch,” “hurrah,” and greetings Schegloff Abab formula/basic rule of conversation Distribution rule for first utterances Intimacy ploy Additional rule of opening conversations Different types of summons Differences between terms of address used as such and terms of address used to summon Nonterminality; nonrepeatability; rights; obligations Differences between QA and SA sequences 2 types of obligations created by SA sequences Conditional relevance Immediate juxtaposition Terminating rules for when an A occurs and when it does not Inferences associated with conditional relevance created by SA sequences (all information)...
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  • Fall '07
  • McCormack
  • Philosophy of language, Searle, SA sequences, semantics Logical positivism, Conditional relevance Immediate

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