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Position- m (meters) Time- s (seconds) Speed- m/s Acceleration- m/s^2 Force- N (Newtons) Mass- kg (kilograms) Amount of material- mol (moles) Scalars, Vectors… A. A scalar is a quantity that is just a number B. Scalars include: mass, electric charge, speed (magnitude of velocity), volume in a container C. A vector quantity has a magnitude and direction: 70mph NE D. Vectors include: position, velocity, acceleration E. Know that vector quantities add. Motion… A. Position (displacement)- location relative to the center of a coordinate system B. Velocity- rate of change of position C. Acceleration- rate of change of velocity D. Force- F=ma, rate of change of momentum E. Momentum- mass x velocity (p) F. Speed- magnitude of velocity G. Distance- magnitude of a displacement Special Relativity… A. Two postulates- a. The speed of light is a constant independent of the source b. Physics laws are the same in all inertial reference frames (an inertial frame is one that is not accelerating) B. Moving clocks run slow. This is called Time dilation.
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