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Lecture Notes - Advertising 318J April 5 2007 Guest Speaker...

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Advertising 318J April 5, 2007 Guest Speaker: GCI Intro Video: Internal Office Piece to get employees excited about company Introduction o Jeff 22 years ago was in class and was “Light bulb” class “this is what I am going to do” Graduate 1984 Moved to New York—3-4 years 1989—Seoul Korea office opens Mexico City Office Miami London—Chief of Operations in Europe Bought into Repoland(?)—Tired of moving around CEO GCI Main office in NYC but let him stay in Austin Spends a lot of time with clients o Brooke Hobe Rising star at GCI UT, Comm. Studies Major Moved to L.A.—GCI for 5 years Consumer Technology and Consumer Health Starbucks, Radio Shack, Sony Pictures Digital Media—in L.A. and Austin o Main Focus o Part of Changing media landscape o Exploit media to better their brand 3 Business Trends—best set you up for first job in real world o 1. Clients are really looking for the Big Idea Care less about where it comes from ADV or PR Just want to better brand—want big idea Integrated communication Darden Restaurants Use on front end of pitch What are we trying to convey? o Big generation gap o Older customers are embedded—don’t want to lose them o Find way to keep older but get younger customer New way of thinking Dell Billboard o Signal—Show competitors that Dell is back Create tension in the industry New approach to PR o Street teams o Blurring of the line—What for PR or ADV? Think of Communication as liberal arts Get internships in different aspects of communication
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o 2. Need to know the Fundamentals of Business need to be able to talk like CEO – return on investment explain how and what we are going to do to contribute to sales need to be more quantitative—need math o comfort with so that numbers do not scare you need to know the impact of what we are doing o Business test before you start working GCI Budgets and numbers Need fundamentals of business o 3. Revolution of Digital Media Time shifted media Not realistic to think that media dictates how and when you get media o You can get news anywhere and whenever Conversational Marketing o Where you can join in on conversation Half second news cycle o Small news window—news within minutes o Affects time that you have to deal with PR crisis o Fundamentally changed way look at communication o Globalization “Drop pin in Chile and hear it in Canada” o RSS Reader—you should get one Real Simple Syndication Lets you subscribe to blogs Delivers updates to you o Core Capabilities that Businesses Need Listen—consumers, blogs Influence Engage—create content Community—Myspace and things like it—bring people together Podcast: Whole Foods o Inform consumers o # 1 on iTunes Watch Dell response to Apple Mac V. PC commercial on YouTube Dell o Jeff Jarvis—blogger—jabbed at Dell
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