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CHAPTER 16: MEDIA PLANNING: ADVERTISING AND IBP ON THE INTERNET 560 What will drive the boom in the Internet? Wireless access. 560 WiMax, Mobile-Fi, Ultrabroadband WiMax : similar to WiFi; creates “hot spots” around a central antenna w/in which people can wirelessly tap into the Net. The difference: has a range of 25-30 miles! Mobile Fi : has a multi-mile access but adss the capability of accessing the Net while the user is moving in a car or train. Ultrabroadband : will allow people to move extremely large files quickly over short distances. 561 What are Pepsi and BMW cited as examples of? Both have been highly successful in folding the Internet into their IBP strategies. They funnel a lot of info and promotion through their Web Sites. 561 2 truths about the internet The internet will not be replacing all other forms of adv. Nor is it likely that many advertisers will use the Internet as the main method of communicating w/their target audience, but will use as a component of IBP. Things are changing dramatically regarding all aspects of the Internet. 561 First paragraph of the ®evolution of the Internet section Technology has the potential and the power to change everything. The Internet can change something very fundamental about human existence. The Internet-connected consumer is connected to other consumers in real time, and w/connection comes community, empowerment, and even liberation. 562 % growth of internet ad revenues 2004-2007 Adv revenues on the Internet were estimated at about $7.5 billion in 2004 and estimated to grow to over $14 billion by 2007. 563 Ex. 16.2 What country has the highest penetration of Internet usage? The United States World wide percentage? Norway 565 Ex. 16.4 5 terms: Banner ad : an advertisement, typically rectangular, used to catch a consumer’s eye on a Web page. Banner ads serve as a gateway to send a consumer to an expanded Web page where more extensive info is provided for a firm/product. Many include an e-commerce capability whereby a product /service can be ordered thru the banner itself. Bandwidth
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