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CHAPTER 15: Media Planning: Print, Television, and Radio 523: Print, radio, tv represent major alternatives available to advertisers for reaching audiences. 50% of all adv dollars in the US go to traditional print, radio and tv media. The majority of the creative effort and $ is spend on print and broadcast adv campaigns These will likely form the foundation of most adv campaigns for years to come. Eg524: Absolute Vodka’s success based on big idea; bottle as focal pnt; 1 media class: print, stick w/it long term. Absolut’s problem: on verge of extinction: had no share in the market . The name seen as “gimmicky”; ugly bottle; consumers gave no credibility to a vodka produced in Sweden. TBWA adv firm decided to rely on print adv alone: build awareness, communicate quality, achieve credibility, and avoid Swedish clichés. Their concept: feature the ugly bottle as the hero of each ad, in which the only copy was a 2wrd tag line always beginning w/ Absolut and ending w/ a “quality” word like perfection or clarity. In the end, Absolut campaign was a creative masterpiece and a market success. They still rely heavily on magazine adv. 525-6: 6 ADVANTAGES OF NEWSPAPERS Geographic selectivity Offer advertisers the opp to reach a well-defined geographic target audience. Some papers are running “zoned editions”: target even more narrow geographic areas; used by merchants doing biz in the local area. Kellogg and Colgate can use the zoned edition to deliver samples. Timeliness Newspaper=one of the most timely of the major media. Short time to produce n.paper ad and regularity of daily publications reach audiences in a timely way. Creative opportunities b/c n.papers offer a large and relatively inexpensive format, advertisers can provide a lot of info to the target audience at a low cost - important for products/services w/complex features that may need detailed copy. Credibility “If its in the paper, it must be the truth.” Audience interest
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N.paper readers are interested in the info they’re reading. Even though readership is down, readers remain loyal and interested. Many buy the paper to see sales, making this an ideal environment for local merchants. Papers=primary medium for local classifieds despite concern that internet would cut into classified revenue. Cost In terms of production and space, n/papers offer a low-cost alternative to adv. Cost per contact may be higher than w/tv and radio, but the absolute cost for placing a black-&-white ad is w/in a small adv budget. 4 DISADVATAGES OF NEWSPAPERS Limited segmentation Paper circulation cuts across too broad an economic, social, and demographic audience to allow the isolation of specific targets. Some papers are trying to enhance segmentation: e-biz and film reviews to target specific audiences; serve specific ethnic groups, etc. Creative Constraints
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Chapter 15 - CHAPTER 15 Media Planning Print Television and...

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