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CHAPTER 9: ADVERTISING PLANNING: AN INTN’L PERSPECTIVE 302 Anyone with an interest in adv should be interested in China; why? No country has more potential consumers than china Population over a billion, a growing economy, new global status w/hosting the 2008 Olympics, greater acceptance of capitalism; all= business opportunity Experts predict that china will overtake Japan as 2 nd largest adv market in the world this decade. 302 Why does China present many incredible challenges to US marketers? China has 31 provinces, 656 cities, and 48,000 districts: divided tremendously There is no one Chinese language; there are 7 tongues, w/80 dialects The north of china is a frozen plateau and the south of china is tropical Huge income and lifestyle differences b/w city-dwellers and farmers, and b/w the prosperous east and the impoverished west. Overall, there’s no such thing as a single “China” Eg302 Toyota’s misadventures in marketing a new brand in China Toyota’s launch of the Prado Land Cruiser in China provides an example of the challenges posed to advertisers in overcoming national and cultural boundaries. Toyota is a Japanese made car, and Saatchi and Saatchi (the ad agency) created a print for this new vehicle showing it driving past 2 large stone lions, which were saluting and bowing to the Prado. The ads were intended to reflect Prado’s imposing presence that demanded respect when driving in the city. Chinese consumers saw it differently. Prado can be translated into badao which means “rule by force” or “overbearing” The use of lions reminded consumers of China’s formerly negative relationship w/Japan: Marco Polo Bridge in China, a site that marked the opening battle of Japan’s invasion of China in 1937. Toyota pulled 30 mag and n.paper ads and issued a formal apology. S&S went back to work. 302 International Advertising: adv that reaches across nat’l and cultural boundaries . Communicating w/consumers around the world involves immersing yourself in the subtleties and mysteries of culture. 303 Culture is a set of values, rituals, & behaviors that define a way of life. It’s typically invisible to those immersed w/in it. Communicating across cultures isn’t easy. Its one of the most difficult of all comm. tasks b/c there’s no such thing as culture-free comm. Adv is a cultural product; it means nothing outside of culture . Culture surrounds
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adv, informs it, gives it meaning. To transport an ad across cultural borders, one must respect, and hopefully understand the power of culture. Ads depend on effective comm., and effective comm. depends on shared meaning. The degree of shared meaning is affected by cultural membership. When an advertiser in culture A wants to communicate w/consumers in culture B, it’s culture B that will surround the created message, form its cultural context, and affect how it will be interpreted. 304 Effect of global trade initiatives GATT and NAFTA
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