Chapter 17 - Chapter 17 Support Media Event Sponsorship and...

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Chapter 17 -- Support Media, Event Sponsorship, and Branded Entertainment (4e) √610-11 Charmin’s Pottypalooza exemplifies creative ways marketers are using to create meaningful connections to consumers -- know gist of this promotion and how it works Proctor and gamble, makers of Charmin, Safeguard, Pampers, and Bounty , takes thirty tractor mounted bathroom (see exhibit 17.1) around the country for 20 or more major events each year. These bathrooms are found at state fairs, concerts, sporting events and are spotlessly clean with running water, wallpaper, wood floors, and plenty of P and G products. They always leave the nearby portapotties empty. They reach around 30 million consumers this way and during it’s first year on tour there was a 14% increase in Charmin sales. It is great opportunity for IBP. The charmin bear is plastered all over the insides of the bathroom and a bear mascot entertains ppl waiting in line for restrooms. “Seldom are consumers more completely immersed in a brand building experience, and given the alternative (smelly port a potties), seldom are happier about it.” Pottypalooza exemplifies creative ways to create meaningful connections to consumers. How unconventional is becoming conventional. Lots of support media like signs and billboards further enhance this IBP effort. 610 Ex. 17.1 -- illustrates PGs approach to associating their brands with a pleasant experience Caption: “associating your brands with a pleasing experience is a great way to connect with consumers. The Charmin Pottypalooza tour has been both a great brand builder and revenue generator. It is hard to imagine a “cleaner” example of integrated brand promotion.” Illustrations: Charmin truck and interior of bathrooms. 613 Ex. 17.6 -- what does this outdoor board illustrate? This Horst salon billboard which has the headline “bow wow” illustrates that “minimal verbiage is one key to success with billboard adv. This ex easily satisfies the minimal verbiage rule” 615 one of the latest innovations in out-of-home media using wireless technology? Taxi- top electronic billboards that deliver customized messages by neighborhood using wireless internet technology. 615 Ex. 17.9 -- illustrates out-of-home media that is noticed and conveys image
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caption: this wonderful old building has a big, flat backside, facing a major interstsate freeway. No wonder the gap wants to keep it in jeans. Illustration: gap jeans headline, male model 618 how does aerial advertising using blimps often result in PR for the sponsor at sporting events? Blimps carrying television cameras at sporting events also provide unique video that can result in the blimp’s sponsor getting several on air mentions. This brand exposure comes at a fraction of the cost of similar exposure through television adv. 618
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Chapter 17 - Chapter 17 Support Media Event Sponsorship and...

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