Chapter 4 - Chapter 4, Evolution, Biological Communities...

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Chapter 4, Evolution, Biological Communities and Species Interactions Material from Chapter 3 for this section pages 62-65 Species to Ecosystems Key questions to think about… 1. How does energy flow through ecosystems? 2. You commonly hear the phrase ‘ecosystems are interconnected, if you disturb one part of the system, you also disturb many other parts of the system’. In what ways is this true and in what ways is it an overstatement? Population - All members of a species living in a given area at the same time. Biological Community - All of the populations of organisms living and interacting in a particular area. Ecosystem - Biological community and its physical environment. Trophic Level - Expression of an organism’s feeding status in an ecosystem. Producers (plants) Consumers - Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Most terrestrial food chains relatively short. Aquatic food chains tend to be longer. Organisms can also be identified by the type of food they consume: Herbivores (Plants) {Deer} Carnivores (Meat) {Wolves} Omnivores (Plants/Meat) {Bears} Scavengers (Carcasses) {Crows} Detritivores (Debris) {Ants} Decomposers (All) {Bacteria} Chapter 4 Major Questions: 1. How does the environment influence the distribution of species 2. How does evolution work – what is the role of genetic variation and environment in the process 3. What is biological complexity and what influences the stability and resilience of ecosystems?
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4. What are biological invasions and what are their implications?
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Chapter 4 - Chapter 4, Evolution, Biological Communities...

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