Lecture 2 Notes - Advertising 318J February 20, 2007 First...

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Advertising 318J February 20, 2007 First Ad shown: GSD&M “Our mission: provide sustainable results for brands that have a genuine purpose. We call it Purpose-based Branding.” o Guest Speakers: Sage Baker John Gibson o Sage Baker March 10 th Started out as an administrative assistant Then went to planning after kids were born Found company in which she can reinvent herself through curiosity o John Gibson Did Internship first o Founded in 1971 in Austin 700+ employees Approximately $1.5 billion in revenues Current clients include: AT&T, Southwest Airlines, Chili’s BMW, AARP, PGA TOUR, Kohler, U.S. Air Force BMW: Expand on a new idea Dial Soap: Your not as clean as you think Southwest Airlines: Want to get away? U.S. Air Force: Do Something Amazing.com PGA Tour: FedEx Cup “A new era of golf” American Red Cross: Hope, help Americans Wal-mart: HDTV ad Kohler: The bold look of Kohler CBS Sports: The world of golf Southwest Airlines: Proud Sponsor of the NFL o Sage: A Little History B.A. in English M.F.A. in Creative Writing (at Southwest/Texas State) Taught English Composition and Literature as a T.A. Interviewed with Doug Stuart o John Gibson Received B.A. in marketing Made enough connections to get job after graduation o To deliver visionary ideas that make a difference o Core Values (Built to Last)
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Core Values are the organization’s essential and enduring tenets-a small set of timeless guiding principles that require no external justification; they have intrinsic value and importance to those Core Purpose is the organizations fundamental reason for being. An effective purpose reflects the importance people attach to the company’s work-it taps their idealistic motivations-and gets at the deeper reasons for an organization’s existence beyond just making money. –Jim Collins o What is a purpose? A Purpose will explain and drive everything that your company and brand does. o Purpose vs. Positioning Discovered, not created Like DNA- does not change Articulation is internal- not just a tagline o Southwest Airlines Purpose: To give people the Freedom to fly Positioning: Southwest airlines low fares, frequent flights and friendly people give people the freedom to go, see, and do more than they thought possible Tagline: [ding] “You are now free to move about the country!” o “Where your talents and the needs of the worlds cross there lies your calling” -Aristotle o Marketplace Planning Marketplace Planners are the agency’s voice of uncommon sense. We ask the question nobody thought to ask, we look for solutions to problems nobody knew they had, and we turn to unexpected sources for
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Lecture 2 Notes - Advertising 318J February 20, 2007 First...

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