Chapter 11 - CHAPTER ELEVEN MESSAGE STRATEGY 362-4 what did...

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CHAPTER ELEVEN MESSAGE STRATEGY 362-4 what did the 1984 commercial capture and articulate? (this spot is part the folklore of adv.); what did Apple use to differentiate the iMac (like GM had done 70 years earlier) The “1984” ad captured and expressed something important lying under early 1980s American culture us vs. them: threatened individuals vs. faceless corps. Rejection of corporate life and the celebration of individuality thru a computer. o IBM=oppressive Big Brother; Apple=liberating anti-corporate corporation. Served up a consumer product as popular ideology. Hip, young, cool, democratic. o Clear choice, clear instruction: buy a Mac, keep your soul. o iMac introduced a trend in the computer industry similar to GM: it introduced style and color the created brand distinctiveness and added value. √ 365 Ex. 11.3 -- nine message strategies (key strategies = 1,3,4,7,9 + 14 associated methods) this exhibit is an outline of the chapter EX.11.3: Objective: What the advertiser Hopes to Achieve 1.Promote Brand Recall: to get consumers to recall its brand name first before any competitors names 3. Persuade the consumer: to convince consumers to buy a product/service thru high-engagement arguments. 4. Instill brand preference: to get consumers to like or prefer its brand above all others. 7. Transform consumption experiences: to create a feeling, image, or mood about a brand that is activated when the consumer uses the product/service 9. Define the brand image: create an image for a brand by relying on visuals Method: How the Advertiser Plans to Achieve the Objective Repetition; slogans and jingles Reason-why ads; hard-sell ads; comparison ads; testimonials; demonstration; advertorials; infomercials Feel-good ads, humor ads, sexual appeal ads Transformational ads Image ads
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366-8 evoked set; A small list of brand names (typically less than 5) that come to mind when a product or service category is mentioned. 2 ways to achieve recall: repetition, and, slogans and jingles REPETITION: o Buying lots of ads and/or repeating the brand name w/in the ad. Things said more often will be remembered more easily than things said less frequently. The more accessible brand names are retrieved first and fastest from memory, making them more likely to end up in the shopping cart. MEMORY IS KEY. This doesn’t always work. Consumers sometimes remember one brand and then buy another.
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Chapter 11 - CHAPTER ELEVEN MESSAGE STRATEGY 362-4 what did...

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