Chapter 12 - CHAPTER 12 COPYWRITING eg398 Ex. 12.2 this...

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CHAPTER 12 COPYWRITING eg398 Ex. 12.2 this Rolling Stone ad excels by focusing on the COPY COMPONENT without an ILLUSTRATION √ 400 Global Issues box -- Am. mgt. philosophy KISS has relevance for global adv. KISS stands for “Keep it Simple Stupid” which explains why winning global campaigns are quite simple in terms of message theme and visual structure. 4 lifestyle products that translate well across cultures are o soft drinks o jeans o sneakers o candy 4 constants of successful global advertising (SCHC) are o simplicity o clarity o humor o clever demonstration 400-4 copywriting and the creative plan -- para. 1, 3, and 4 in this section Paragraph 1- Copywriting is the process of expressing the value and benefits a brand has to offer via written or verbal descriptions. Paragraph 3- effective copywriters are 1) well informed, astute advertising decision makers with creative talent. Copy must not interfere but rather enhance the visual aspects of message Paragraph 4- the responsibility for keeping copyrighters informed lies with the client’s marketing managers in conjunction with account executives and creative directors in the ad agency. 403 creative plan (a.k.a.) -a statement of creative strategy; a guideline used during the copywriting process to specify the message elements that must be coordinated during the preparation of copy. Include main product claims, creative devices, media, creatives needs a product satisfies Copywriter- creates excitement, does it in an unexpected fashion 408 qualification paragraph- the guidelines for writing headlines in the
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Chapter 12 - CHAPTER 12 COPYWRITING eg398 Ex. 12.2 this...

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